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Randell L. Mills – A Living Legend, Greater Than Einstein Randell L. Mills – A Living Legend, Greater Than Einstein and Tesla Combined Dr. Randell L. Mills, a Harvard trained medical doctor, who developed this generator and the physical theory behind it, will be remembered throughout the remainder of human history as the single greatest being to ever have lived. “BlackLight Power (BLP

Randell Mills—New Energy and the Cosmic Hydrino Sea (An Randell Mills—New Energy and the Cosmic Hydrino Sea. Editorʼs Note: We are delighted to have this candid interview with Dr. Randell Mills of BlackLight Power, Inc., who since 1991 has certainly been one of the most important scientists and business persons in the New Energy field.

Warning Signs For Energy Technology Investors 3: Yes, They The story of Blacklight Power is a startling case demonstrating how Cleantech investors can go seriously astray. The founder, Randell L. Mills, claimed in 1991 to have refuted quantum mechanics

Blacklight Power Returns With More Lab Validation - CBS News But unlike most of the free energy crowd, Blacklight has survived for almost two decades and has a staff of dedicated Ph.Ds, including its founder, Randell Mills. It has also taken about $60

Brilliant Light Power - Wikipedia Brilliant Light Power, Inc. (BLP), formerly BlackLight Power, Inc. of Cranbury, New Jersey, is a company founded by Randell L. Mills, who claims to have discovered a new energy source. The purported energy source is based on Mills' assertion that the electron in a hydrogen atom can drop below the lowest energy state known as the ground state

BlackLight Power claims novel energy source - CNET BlackLight Power claims novel energy source A small company claims it can make heat by changing the stable state of hydrogen atoms, a claim that many dispute. But company founder Randell Mills

The Tom Bearden Website U.S. Patent 6,024,935 has been granted to Dr. Randell Mills and his company, BlackLight Power, Inc. The patent is unusually large with 60 pages and 499 claims. The patent is for Lower-Energy Hydrogen Methods and Structure.

Brilliant Light Power Brilliant Light Power has Electrical Power from Hydrogen to Dark Matter. Brilliant Light Power has developed a new commercially competitive, non-polluting, plasma-based primary source of massive power from the conversion of hydrogen atoms of water molecules to dark matter, the previously unidentified matter that makes up most of the mass of the universe.

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